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Dan Phelps

Daniel J. Phelps is a contractor and construction attorney.  His practice is focused on litigating construction contract claims. For more than 25 years he has been dedicated to the construction industry.  He has years of experience working on claims arising out of construction projects.

Mr. Phelps obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Arizona State University's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (1987). He majored in Construction Management, and was a member of Sigma Lambda Chi, an honor society that recognizes high academic achievement in construction programs.

After graduation he worked in Dallas, Texas as a Mechanical Field Engineer and Area Safety Manager on the construction of a large wastewater treatment plant. Additional public works and infrastructure experience was gained as a Field Engineer on a criminal courts building,  a DC-10 hanger, and an airmail handling facility at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

In California, Mr. Phelps worked as a Division Engineer and Division Equipment Manager for a pipeline / engineering contractor before founding a construction company for the construction and improvement of water and wastewater plants and facilities. As a RMO he maintains a General Engineering and a General Building contractors license in California. He also participates in a number of contractor associations, including the Engineering Contractors Association and Southern California Contractors Association.

As a result of expertise acquired in planning and scheduling construction projects, Mr. Phelps has consulted on and developed baseline schedules (CPM / critical path method / Primavera) and provided schedule maintenance for construction projects up to $300 million in size. He is a non-testifying expert in delay claim disputes and litigation, providing delay and claims analysis.

Mr. Phelps uses his construction experience to represent parties in construction contract negotiations; subcontractor substitutions; bid protests and bid disputes; material supplier and commercial code lawsuits; stop notice actions; mechanic's lien actions; construction delay claims; impact claims; and other breach of contract lawsuits.

Mr. Phelps has written articles on delay claims and made presentations to the Engineering Contractors Association on documenting construction claims. Mr. Phelps co-authored “friend of the court” (amicus) briefs in two important construction law cases: (1) Force Framing, Inc. v. Chinatrust Bank (2010) 187 Cal. App. 4th 1368, and (2) Los Angeles Unified School Dist. v. Great American Ins. Co. (2010) 49 Cal. 4th 739.

In 2008 Mr. Phelps received his JD from Western State University College of Law where he was a member of the law review. Western State awarded him merit scholarships, and he was honored with three Witkin Awards for Academic Excellence: Contracts, Evidence, and Professional Skills.

Mr. Phelps is a member of the State Bar of California, the Los Angeles County Bar Association where he participates in the Construction Law Subsection of the Real Property Section, the American Bar Association, the Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles, and the Construction Management Association of America. He is licensed to practice law in all California State Courts and the United States District Court, Central District of California.

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