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Public Works Litigation Attorney

When you have a public works contract claim you need a construction attorney that knows and understands the rules that apply to public works. We are an Orange County/Los Angeles based construction law office that focuses on litigating public works claims.

Our construction-litigation attorney has spent years assisting contractors with claims on public works projects, especially complicated delay claims.

The Construction Law Center knows the special rules that apply to public works contracts. Many of the rules in California are statutory and govern the administration of public works contracts and public works claims.

Often these rules are significantly different than those applied to construction contracts for private works of improvement. The subcontractor substitution rules (Subletting and Subcontracting Fair Practices Act, Public Contract Code § 4100 et seq.) and the prohibition on the enforcement of "no damages for delay" clauses (Public Contract Code § 7102) are just two of the many rules that can apply to public works projects. 

The Construction Law Center knows the rules and how to apply them when it becomes necessary to litigate your construction dispute.

If you have a construction dispute, we have the experience to litigate it. To schedule an appointment, call a construction law attorney at (562)375-7975.

A Law Practice Engineered for Construction

We utilize construction professionals. Our Construction Attorney supervises and works with an exceptional team of construction professionals, engineers, and construction managers to provide an efficient and cost effective approach to your legal needs. You won't be paying for an associate attorney to learn how to read plans and understand how RFIs impact time and expense. Those tasks are performed by people with construction backgrounds. Call us to discuss your legal needs.

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