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Delay Claims | California Delay Claims

Whether on private or public works projects, claims for delay are a challenging component of construction litigation.  Because delay claims are hotly contested, proving compensable delay requires diligence and in depth understanding of delay claim law. 

Our construction lawyer has over 20 years of experience in delay claims, including 8 years as a construction attorney.  It is an area of focus for this firm.    

Whether the project is in Palm Desert, the San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Anaheim, or another Southern California location, the Construction Law Center can assist in resolving or litigating delay claims. 

Two delay claim articles by our construction litigation lawyer are available on this website.  The articles were published in Southern California trade magazines. 

The Early Completion Delay article presents an overview of:  (1) the difference between an ordinary delay claim and an early completion delay claim, (2) the legal basis for delay claims, and (3) the requirements for proving an early completion delay claim.  For a link to the article click on the title below:

Article: Early Completion Delay Complete the Job Early and Still Recover for Delays

The second article concerns liquidated damages and delay claim procedures.  To link to that article click on the following title: 

Article: Liquidated Damages | Contractual Time Extension, Notice, and Delay Claims Procedures

If you have additional interest in the laws affecting the defense and prosecution of construction schedule delay damages, additional information is available on this website.  On January 22, 2013, our construction litigation attorney, Daniel Phelps, participated in a joint presentation with Ken Baker of Hill International.  The presentation was about schedule analysis.  It was was given to the Los Angeles County Bar Association.  Some of the material prepared by Mr. Phelps for that program is available here:

Machiavellian Scheduling - How to Recognize it, How to Handle it, How to Avoid it

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