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A Law Office for the Construction Industry

Construction Lawyer | Construction AttorneyMeeting the needs of the construction industry demands more out of every aspect of a law firm. Because the industry runs on razor thin margins, it requires quality service at reduced legal costs. To address these needs we have taken a different approach.


We started by rethinking and throwing out every concept of traditional law firm structure and practice. We then organized around two things: Results and Costs. If it reduces costs and produces better results - we implement it.  The result is a different type of law practice engineered around our clients' needs and interests.  


A Law Practice Engineered for Construction

Construction Lawyer | Construction Attorney

·   Call here at 7 AM – we're already working. This office works the hours you do. You don't need to wait until 10 in the morning to get a hold of a construction attorney. We are in the office early addressing the needs of the construction industry.


·       We utilize construction professionals. Our Construction Attorney supervises and works with an exceptional team of construction professionals, engineers, and construction managers to provide an efficient and cost effective approach to your legal needs. You won't be paying for an associate attorney to learn how to read plans and understand how RFIs impact time and expense.  Those tasks are performed by people with construction backgrounds.


Construction Lawyer | Construction Attorney·        Our Construction Lawyer, Dan Phelps, has over 25 years of construction experience including: Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (Arizona State University 1987); years of experience managing construction projects; RMO for California Contractors License class "A" General Engineering and class "B" General Building; and extensive schedule analysis and claims work.


 ·      You are in a highly competitive field.  We want to help.  We keep overhead low and pass the savings on to help keep your operating costs down. 


·        We are concerned about your legal fees and costs. You shouldn't have to guess about what your attorney is billing you for. When you get an invoice from us you'll know exactly what it's for and what we've done, in detail.


·        Communication between Clients and Attorneys is of utmost importance. You need to make business decisions. We are here to help. Each month you'll get a report from us discussing the status of your case and what the next steps are.


·       We practice in the area of construction contract negotiations; prime contract disputes; subcontract disputes; subcontractor substitutions; bid protests and bid disputes; material supplier and commercial code lawsuits; stop notice actions; mechanics lien actions; payment bond claims; construction delay claims; impact claims; and other breach of contract lawsuits. Additionally, we provide support services and consulting to other litigators and attorneys in the construction law field.

Located in Orange County, California, our Construction Attorney handles Construction Law matters throughout Southern California Including the Los Angeles County and Long Beach area, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Orange County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County, Kern County and
other areas.

Los Angeles County ● Riverside County ● San Bernardino County ● Ventura County ● Orange County ● San Diego County

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